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23104 Alcorn County Health Department Addition and Renovations (Rebid) #14132

Alcorn Co., MS (T-NR-E)


Accepting Bids

Prebid Date9/21/23 1:30pm

Bid Date10/3/23 2:00pm

Company & Contacts


Vickie Tull (vickiet@aercpllc.com)   (662) 331-8310


A. Project Name: Alcorn County Health Department Addition & Renovations , located at:

3706 Joann Drive

Corinth, Mississippi 38834 .

B. The Owner, hereinafter referred to as Owner: Alcorn County Board of Supervisors


A. Summary Project Description: New 1,000 SF addition of steel frame structure/brick veneer

exterior with aluminum windows and TPO roof.

B. Contract Scope: Addition to existing facility.

C. Contract Terms: Lump sum .


A. Owner's Architect: AERC, PLLC.

1. Address: 342 West Valley Street .

2. City, State, Zip: Hernando, MS 38632 .

3. Phone/Fax: PH: 662 297-0057 / FX: 662 298-0061 .

4. E-mail: info@aercpllc.com .

B. The Structural/Mechanical/Electrical Engineer: Chad Stewart & Associates, Inc.

1. Address: 9700 Village Circle, Suite 300 .

2. City, State, Zip: Lakeland, TN 38002 .

3. Phone: PH: 901 260-7850 .


A. A Pre-Bid Meeting will be held at 1:30 PM, Thursday, September 21, 2023 at the project site,

662 331-8310, vtull@aercpllc.com .

B. Last Request for Information Due: 3 days prior to due date of Bids.

C. Bids Due Date: Before 2:00 PM, Tuesday, October 3, 2023 .

D. Last Request for Substitution Due: 7 days prior to due date of bids .

E. Bid Opening will be private.

F. Notice of Award

G. Bids May Not Be Withdrawn Until: 30 days after due date.

H. Required Construction Start: Not later than 7 calendar days after Notice to Proceed .

I. Required Substantial Completion Date: Not later than 210 calendar days from Notice to

Proceed .

J. Required Final Completion Date: Not later than 30 calendar days after Substantial


K. The Owner reserves the right to change the schedule or terminate the entire procurement

process at any time.


A. Availability of Documents: Complete sets of procurement documents may be obtained:

1. Through the following planroom: www.aercplanroom.com.

Alcorn County Health Department

Addition & Renovations

00 0102 - 2 Project Information

2. At the following address: Bid Documents are being made available via original paper

copy. Plan holders are required to log-in or register for an account at

www.aercplans.com to view and order Bid Documents. Questions regarding website

registration and online orders should be directed to Plan House Printing at (662)

407-0193 .